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We believe the role of media arts organizations should be to act as facilitators and not as gatekeepers. Art is not a commodity or a concept to only be accessed by a privileged few. Art flourishes when it is practiced as a democratic, communal experience and not as a competition. We believe in the power of art to transform lives and spread empathy. We believe in the freedom and rights of all people to be their authentic selves and to tell their own story. We believe in radical inclusivity. We welcome people from all backgrounds and skill levels because we believe art is at its most powerful when it becomes ubiquitous—art needs to be everywhere and belong to everyone! We want to use our knowledge to build solidarity with other local organizations and contribute to a strong and vibrant creative community. 
Art can be a grand spectacle but it can also be intimate. 
Art can be serious but it can also be raucously funny.
Art can make you feel as much as it can make you think.
Art should build people up and not tear them down.

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